Monday, July 18, 2016

Pictures of the trip

I have started downloading some pictures from the 2016 Costa Rica trip.

It will take about a week for me to finish downloading them all.

You may find them here:

CR-2016 Pictures

OR, there is a "Pictures" link now on the front page of the blog under "Important Links"

Feel free to download anything that you would like.

Pura Vida

Back Home!

What mixed feelings of coming back home from such an incredible week in Costa Rica, Falling in love with the people at the CIA church (Comunidad Internacional de AdoraciĆ³n), the children that attended the VBS events throughout the week, and the many people we met as we walked through the neighborhoods of El Capulin. Although hard leave, there is something to be said about coming home to our family and friends.

We had an incredible time during our stay, and saw Gods provisions all throughout the week. We witnessed changed lives, building stronger bonds, and new passions for God within our own hearts.

This was a life changing trip for everyone involved, and look forward to what God does over the next 12 months. We are in anticipation to return and hear the stories of change from the CIA Church. Pastor Jesse and his family are an incredible group of people that are making a real impact in their community. It is said that to see the character of a leader, look at their followers. The followers at CIA Church are some of the most dedicated, loyal, passionate, energetic, and worshipful people on the planet. It's an experience that can only be experienced. I hope that everyone will consider attending next years mission trip with us. Think of how much more we can do with an army of supporters.

As for pictures; I took so many pictures that it will take me some time to go through them and pick out the best ones to process and share. Check back often to see them during the next week. I hope to get most of them up by this next weekend.

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and prayers. Without you, no of this could have happened. We are very grateful.

CR-2016 Team

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Friday's Activities

Today we were off to see a little bit of Costa Rica with some of the church staff from CIA.
We drove an hour or so to a zip-line through the canopy place, only to find out they couldn't take us today. (Even though we called ahead and reserved a spot for the entire group. we were left scratching our heads a little, but we moved on heading towards the next days activity.

On the way, we drove up on an accident that happened just seconds before we came by. We stopped the bus, a few of our leaders got out and ran over to the care and the ditch it was down in. They took care of her and helped her stay calm until the ambulance could get there, sometimes it can take an hour or so to arrive. They gathered all of her belongs from the car that she might need at the hospital and stayed by her side the entire time. The ambulance finally arrived and they loaded her on a backboard and neck brace. We helped them carry her out of the ditch and across the stream that she ran into. once the ambulance left, we were back on our way. Oh, by the way, this is way outside any city on in the countryside. It was fortunate that we even saw her car in the deep in the ditch and weeds.

We then drove to a beach town (Coco Beach) about an hour and a half away to do some quick shopping and eat lunch. After lunch we drove to a less crowed beach and enjoyed a wonderful sunset.

We then climbed aboard the bus and headed back to the hotel, eating at a favorite restaurant along the way, finally making it back to the hotel.

Tomorrow is a day to sleep late, pack, and head to the airport for the ride back to Dallas.

We are all very tied, extremely grateful, and ready to get back home.

We will post more of the stories and pictures throughout the next week or so. As soon as I can take a big breath and come up for air.

What a beautiful country
, and even better people. we can't wait until next year.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Thursday's Update "Delayed"

Sorry about the delay, yesterday was an incredible day. We had some wiFi issues lst night, and will delay yesterday's post until tonight. There were just so many pictures that captured all of the activities for the day, I could not get any to download.

Look forward to seeing some great shots from yesterday and today.

Thanks for everyone's support.

CR Team

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wednesday's Update

Another fantastic day today!

After a wonderful breakfast, team worship time, and a quick bus ride to the soccer field, todays events began to take place. Again we had about 75 kids show up, with some parents attending with them. We played all sorts of games, painted their faces, and read stories to them. All of the kid are engaging, well behaved, and grateful for us being there; taking time to lay with them and just love on them in ways they don't get normally.  It's really cool to see the kids learning english so that they can impress us by speaking our language. Some of them pick it up fast and do very well.

We also sent teams out in to the neighborhood meeting the families, sharing the gospel, and inviting them to the weeks events. We are usually greeted warmly by the people in the neighborhoods, and sometimes invited in for more conversations. It has been extremely moving to hear some of their struggles and stories of how they got where they are. We have been changed by experiencing  these times with the people.

After todays activities, we all attended a Wednesday night church service, where our own Tyler Wilson preached the sermon for the night. He did a fantastic job of explaining why knowing the Gospel of Christ is so important for us believers. It appears that he will have a very successful career in teaching the bible after he graduated from DTS.

Overall, we are amazed at witnessing how God is moving in the hearts of the people of El Capulin, as well as our own. We cannot wait to come back and share more of what we experienced.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Terrific Tuesday!

Today was another successful day down here in beautiful Costa Rica.

After an early breakfast, we headed back to the soccer field for todays events. When we got there, kids were lined up at the entrance ready to welcome us off of the bus, and start the activities. It was a good conformation that we were making an impact in the community.

On Monday, we had approximently 35 kids show up for the morning session. Today, we had 70-75 kids come and was excited to be there. There were many mom's there in attendance too. many got involved as their children were moving from one station to the next.

We are hoping that even more show up for the Wednesday's VBS.

We also sent two groups out both in the morning, and in the afternoon. Many were able to talk to the people of the community. It appears that at least four people came to know Christ. Many others were presented the Gospel and hopefully planted a seed in their minds. Tomorrow we will do it all again and expect more great things to happen along the way.

We want to thank everyone who is praying for us, and hope that you will continue throughout the week. Although it may not seem like much to many, it is a major factor in what is happening down here. Please keep it up.

Please enjoy the pictures from today activities, and share the site with as many people as you wish. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday's VBS

Today was the first day for VBS! We woke up to a large rainstorm, that threatened our entire day. If it continued, we would have to find something else to do because our activities were all outside. 

Fortunately, it stopped raining as soon as we arrived at the soccer field that was hosting the event. 

As soon as we drove up, there were kids already waiting to begin. We stepped right off of the bus and started to paint the girl's fingernails and apply face paints.
We then sent out a small team to go throughout the neighborhood introducing ourselves, tell them about VBS, and share the Good News of Christ. 

 It was hot and muggy because of the earlier rains, but it did not damper the spirits of the team or the children who attended.

There was plenty of activity and smiles throughout the sports complex. I believe that we had a great first day here in Costa Rica. We cant wait to see the kids again tomorrow. Hopefully they will bring all of their friends with them.

More Pictures: