Monday, May 16, 2016

May 15th Meeting


In our last meeting, our fearless leader Brian encouraged us by sharing updates, news, and any upcoming important events that we need to be aware of.

  In each meeting, a few people share their testimony for the group. It has really helped to see a side of others that we normally would not have known in everyday conversations. Brian also has us practicing different things with one another, so that when we arrive, we will be as ready as possible to accomplish each of our parts in the week long journey. Each time Brian encourages us to get with someone that we didn't know before, to help with the overall bonding of the team.

This week, we practiced sharing the Gospel to each other. It may sound easy for most people. But for some, it pushes us beyond our comfort zone, so that we may grow and be a more useful tool for God.

Brian has taught us two different methods (out of zillions) of easily sharing the gospel, and to emphasize that we are saved by Grace, and Grace alone. NOTHING that we do can save us from our sin, only the faith that we have in Jesus as our Savior. This is important because of the area where we are going.

  If you have not already joined us in support donations or prayer, we would encourage you to do so. As we get closer to our departure date, we are going to need more of both!

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