Saturday, July 16, 2016

Friday's Activities

Today we were off to see a little bit of Costa Rica with some of the church staff from CIA.
We drove an hour or so to a zip-line through the canopy place, only to find out they couldn't take us today. (Even though we called ahead and reserved a spot for the entire group. we were left scratching our heads a little, but we moved on heading towards the next days activity.

On the way, we drove up on an accident that happened just seconds before we came by. We stopped the bus, a few of our leaders got out and ran over to the care and the ditch it was down in. They took care of her and helped her stay calm until the ambulance could get there, sometimes it can take an hour or so to arrive. They gathered all of her belongs from the car that she might need at the hospital and stayed by her side the entire time. The ambulance finally arrived and they loaded her on a backboard and neck brace. We helped them carry her out of the ditch and across the stream that she ran into. once the ambulance left, we were back on our way. Oh, by the way, this is way outside any city on in the countryside. It was fortunate that we even saw her car in the deep in the ditch and weeds.

We then drove to a beach town (Coco Beach) about an hour and a half away to do some quick shopping and eat lunch. After lunch we drove to a less crowed beach and enjoyed a wonderful sunset.

We then climbed aboard the bus and headed back to the hotel, eating at a favorite restaurant along the way, finally making it back to the hotel.

Tomorrow is a day to sleep late, pack, and head to the airport for the ride back to Dallas.

We are all very tied, extremely grateful, and ready to get back home.

We will post more of the stories and pictures throughout the next week or so. As soon as I can take a big breath and come up for air.

What a beautiful country
, and even better people. we can't wait until next year.

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