Sunday, July 10, 2016

Todays Events

Today was an incredible day for us for the first day in Costa Rico. 

We started by going to church Services at the host church here in El Capulin. The service started off with around a 45 minutes of worship with interpretive dance along with the worship songs. Each session of dance built on one another to a crescendo near the end. All ages of members were part of the dance team including the younger kids. It was really a sight to behold. Dance is a major way of worship for their church. 

  The sermon was given by our own Brian Behrman, who did a fabulous job. He spoke from his heart, and opened up to the people of El Capulin with an honest and emotional telling of his testimony. I think that everyone in the room was moved. 

After services, our team joined some of their members to go into the neighborhoods around the church, and hand out flyers which tell of the VBS activities that we will put on over the next 4 days. As we walked down the streets, handing out flyers, we met many different people, in many different age groups. We were well received by most of them, and left hoping that they will send a child to our VBS workshops. 

For the rest of the day, we had a quick bite to eat and headed off for the beach for a few hours of rest and relaxation. We found a very quiet and out of the way beach, which took a good hike to get too. 
It was beautiful, and peaceful for us all. 

Next, we went to a local restaurant for some authentic Costa Rican food before heading back to the hotel. For the rest of the evening, we put together the crafts for VBS, and practiced our skits that we will be performing each day during the program.

We are completely exausted, but feel like our day was a big success. 

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