Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday's VBS

Today was the first day for VBS! We woke up to a large rainstorm, that threatened our entire day. If it continued, we would have to find something else to do because our activities were all outside. 

Fortunately, it stopped raining as soon as we arrived at the soccer field that was hosting the event. 

As soon as we drove up, there were kids already waiting to begin. We stepped right off of the bus and started to paint the girl's fingernails and apply face paints.
We then sent out a small team to go throughout the neighborhood introducing ourselves, tell them about VBS, and share the Good News of Christ. 

 It was hot and muggy because of the earlier rains, but it did not damper the spirits of the team or the children who attended.

There was plenty of activity and smiles throughout the sports complex. I believe that we had a great first day here in Costa Rica. We cant wait to see the kids again tomorrow. Hopefully they will bring all of their friends with them.

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